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What is order management and how CRM system streamlines order management?

  • 13th September 2021

Order management is the key function of a sales cycle, and it is an intricate process that involves many stages. Stock status, order placements, goods transit, delivery processes are the main stages of this system. An order management system fulfills when the customer receives the product with complete satisfaction. For a business, order management is the process that only becomes meaningful when it maintains profitability and continuity. Hence, businesses need to provide relevance to this system and find a better sales management tool for organizing the order management process. Implementing a sales CRM system is the best option to manage order placement and distribution channels. Here we discuss order management to the core, and it will help you lean streamlining the system to better connect with customers and brand loyalty beyond to buy button. Try to make the most of order management as it matters to business growth.

What is order management?

It is the platform that helps to seamlessly manage orders from order placement to delivery and after-sales services to customer satisfaction. It involves many procedures like customer profile management, order tracking, inventory visibility, payment management, and many more. All these can be successfully performed with a modern order management system, the sales CRM software. Sales tracking apps support businesses to meet customer satisfaction, and for that, it automates repetitive business tasks and streamlines the business. Customers always prefer a seamless experience from the moment they place orders to when they receive the orders. They want transparency in every moment until they feel complete satisfaction. If you win the customer, you can uphold brand loyalty in the market. Let’s check how sales tracking CRM software can support complete order management procedures.

Get started with an order management system

The order management feature of sales tracking software coordinates the complete processes systematically for enhanced customer experience. It helps collaborates different departments involved in the process for the timely management of business procedures. Scroll down to see the different team collaborations involved in order management processes.

Accurate view of stock and inventory

An effective order management system always updates the status of remaining stock and inventory to the central system. This information is available to the field sales executives, and before taking the order, they can confirm that there is enough stock remaining for taking the orders. It is an essential stage as it can prevent delays even before starting the order-taking procedures. If you face a stock shortage, you can immediately restock it for better business execution.

Order taking

With mobile CRM, field sales executives can place orders instantly from the field, and this activity will get updated to the web dashboard of the sales managers. Therefore the managers can collaborate with the distribution department for the shipping or transit procedures. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to go to the office to order placement and follow-up activities. Sales executives can do everything within a few clicks.

Tracking the orders

Filed sales tracking software provides a tracking facility that provides information regarding orders in transit in regular intervals. The prompt knowledge of the product distribution eliminates unwanted delays in order processes, and thereby the customer can get the products at the right time.

After-sales support

When orders are received by the customer, they can update if they need any after-sale assistance from the merchant. The distributors can immediately update it via mobile CRM, and the customer concerns get updated to the central system for fast resolving of the issue.

Customer response

It is the last but most crucial stage of an order management system that fulfills the aim of this activity. Customers can share their reviews, which is useful for further changes and improvements in the existing business ambiance. Also, the sales managers can share the compliments with the employees to keep them empowered.

The order management feature of sales tracking software completely organizes the sales cycle and reduces all hindrances in executing the sales activities. Automation of repetitive tasks is also possible with sales management CRM software, and it brings accuracy to the order management system. Avoid task duplications and fake orders with sales CRM and enhance business productivity and continuity. +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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