Who we are

SalesFokuz is the collective aspiration of passionate, driven individuals who have a firm belief that the revenue is in the relationship. Managing relationships. In most business, especially those that involve direct sales, we build a strong relationship with the clients we work with. We assist them in their sales efforts to focus more on customer retention rather than just acquisition and empower the salesforce to engage with the customers throughout the entire lifecycle- pre-sale, sale and retention.

Our Story

We started 3 years ago, as a basic sales CRM and started to notice something peculiar : most sales personnel spent more time on managing data and reporting numbers than focusing on customers and revenue. The conventional practice of Monday meetings, Daily Sales Reports, Cold calling were more of blockages than enablers.

So after series of meetings, months of real-time research, and countless technological interventions we came up to a simple observation:

Focusing on Relationships, Not Sales, Generates Greater Revenue

The sales team does not want to be interrupted and harassed by managers. They want to be empowered. Customers did not want cold-calls, they wanted more focused and meaningful interactions.

It was time to make sales process human and meaningful. Time to treat sales force like people, not numbers on a spreadsheet. Time to build an interactive system to help people achieve their business goals in a more purposeful way. We called it, SalesFokuz.

Meet Our Team

We're led by a team who constantly questions, challenges and learns to create great innovations around every turn. The learner spirit is the cement that brings us together, that pushes us towards new challenges and new victories.We're inventors. We are strategists. We make things happen. We are just awesome.

Manodh Mohan

Managing Director


Anoop G

Chief Operating Officer


John C Samuel

Chief Marketing Officer


Joseph Alexander

Project Manager

B-Tech, CSM

Ashiq M C

Team Lead


Bijesh K P

UX/UI Expert

Diploma in visual Design

Ajeesh Ashraf

Manager, Business Development

MBA, B-Tech

Salesfokuz Team

What Our Client Says

We've been fortunate to work with some of the renowned and most interesting brands. Here's what they say about us