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“Salesfokuz reduces the work load of our sales executives and has enhanced the productivity of our team.”

Hello, Myself Aanish from KPG roofings. Being the head of marketing, I had very tough time to handle the data managements. I have contacted almost all the companies for doing solutions for the same. Finally I got a better solution from Salesfokuz and I’m very much happy with the service of Salesfokuz, because it is very systematic and the implementation of Salesfokuz has made our data management is very systematic and easy. The proper process flow had been made by the same. And also it reduces the workload of our sales executives and also it enhances the productivity of our team. And it is very user-friendly and very easy to adapt it. I’m so happy with the service extended by Salesfokuz. Thank You!

Aanish Chief Marketing Officer, KPG Roofings

“We are really thankful to Salesfokuz for providing such a magnificent system to manage all our sales activities.”

We were looking for a solution that could make our order management system more efficient and systematic. After the implementation of Salesfokuz, we have been able to streamline everything, we have been able to avoid unwanted delays. Moreover, we have been able to cover more hospitals and everything in one go. And the features with the application has helped us enhance the business a lot. I'm really overwhelmed to say that we are extremely pleased with Salesfokuz. And, I can say that our entire sales team will be able to adapt to the new software new Salesfokuz, very easily, its very user friendly. And, we are really thankful for Salesfokuz to getting this magnificent system to manage all the things without any goof ups. Thank you so much!

Pradeep Nair Sales Head, Sangrose Laboratories

“We are very much satisfied and looking forward to have business relationship with Salesfokuz for long period.”

Hi, my name is Prince and I’m the senior manager for Priis Trading Company. I’m here to talk about Salesfokuz application. The reason why we chose Salesfokuz application is, because we tried to approach many companies and we understood, Salesfokuz are the pioneer people, who have better understanding about the distribution, primary, secondary all that things. So, though the other people are able to give lot of other services, but we know that the people from Salesfokuz, are having the right understating of the distribution network, so we chose that. And, the benefit is they have pre-built Salesfokuz app, which almost having everything what a distribution company required. Wherein you are in very good contact with the sales team, managers and even the distributors, the payments, even the leave and everything. So that the goof features, enriched application, and the team, the team we have to be very appreciating because the team has been very good skills, wherein they are able customize the way we need. So we customized in the name of PRIISWIN, and we were able to get the better version of the application required. So, I wish Salesfokuz team, all the very best and keep doing the good job. And we are very much satisfied and looking forward to continue the business relationships with them at least for sometimes for sure. All the best.

Prince Dhas Senior Manager, Priis Trading Company +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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