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Take Mobile CRM Onto The Field And Perform More On The Go

  • 27th September 2021

Field Sales and service activities are the more relevant part of many businesses, and it needs to be managed with topmost priority. Field sales processes include various sales activities such as order taking, product distribution, payment management, service management, and a lot more. Timely management of all these procedures enhances business productivity. But many of you lack real-time accessibility, sales tracking facility, and business data management with employees in field sales affects the credibility of the business organization. The most effective solution to solve these problems is to implement sales CRM software to manage field sales connecting with mobile CRM carried out by the field sales executives. Here you can see how you can manage field sales using mobile CRM software.

Punch-in and punch out at your comfort

Well, start your day without having the rush to the office for marking your attendance! Sales tracking app help you manage your attendance using mobile CRM. It’s an employee-friendly feature that saves time and energy. At the end of working hours, mark punch-out for the day using this same system.

Mobile CRM for tracking sales executives at the field

Sales managers can control and monitor field sales executives using GPS tracking features. Right after salespeople mark their attendance using Mobile CRM, the managers can see their movements in the field and sales activity updates. Awareness of field sales helps businesses to manage unwanted delays in sales procedures.

Provide accurate sales routes

It is the most crucial sales activity if your business organization operates field sales activities. If you find the right sales route, then you can achieve maximum sales in one go. With CRM software, you can assign accurate sales routes by analyzing geographical features, customer engagement, and market trends. Simultaneously, executives can share productive sales routes with managers if they find any.

Expense claim at the earliest

Sales executives can update expense detail using mobile CRM by uploading images of cash receipts and invoices. There is no need to go to the office sharing finical transaction proof and for this, all you need is CRM software. The managers get notified of it in the web dashboard, and they can provide expense claims at the earliest.

Access to business data at the moment

Sales CRM software enables business organizations to share business data with all employees irrespective of their location. A cloud-based mobile system provides a central location to collect and manage all business data effectively. It includes product catalogs, updated business information, customer data, and all other required data to manage field sales. Hence, carry mobile CRM software with you and be confident that you have all information at your fingertips.

These are a few advantages of using mobile CRM for your business organization. Get a customizable one for your organization and support your employees with accurate information, real-time assistance, appropriate sales routes, and reduce their efforts to organize sales operations for your business. +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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