Sales performance management tool, the key to success!

Track, review, and measure the sales performance across the sales pipeline and improve business effectiveness and efficiency. Get configurable results and nourish the sales journey!

Sales performance

What is sales performance management?

Sales performance management software aims to build a sustainable sales ecosystem by analysing sales and employee performance across your business performance scale. It is a set of data-driven practices guiding employees to improve their ability to sell products and services. It creates a structured business ambiance by automating repetitive business tasks and systematizing the sales pipeline. Plan, execute, and track sales activities in real-time and have a complete view of sales processes and employee performance to evaluate sales growth and business development. It is a transparent and clear-cut way you can use for remarkable sales growth and productivity. Accelerate sales and stay competitive in the fast-paced market space with customizable sales performance management tool!

Sales performance

Why do you need sales performance management tool?

The sales performance needs to be continuously evaluated and measured for a streamlined sales experience. Sales processes are a chain of actions and reactions that can be completed effectively with the right time involvement of employees from various departments. The sales representative management tool streamlines back-end operations and field sales activities at a centralized location. It facilitates effective tracking and reviewing of sales activities. The reports are instantaneous, error-free, and also provide a tailored experience to understand the factors influencing business growth and productivity. Overall, the capabilities of the sales performance management tool will take your business to new heights.

How will Salesfokuz assist in measuring sales performance?

It is now time to think over how to increase the efficiency of the sales cycle following best practices that can fuel-ups sales executives to perform better. So, here we go!


Sales team activity monitoring

Sales representative management tool ensures your sales professionals are constantly being met with sales targets and duties through real-time tracking. Keep track of your sales reps and monitor them meeting clients to clients. Evaluate their activities periodically from the start of the working hours and help them drive more sales in less time.

Sales performance management tool dash board

360-degree view of sales pipeline

Failed to manage leads in real-time? Not to be bothered further more! The sales performance management tool is here for you to capture, track and manage sales leads at a centralized location. From capturing leads and nurturing to making them sales-ready, real-time status of everything can be visible on the mobile CRM or web dashboard in front of you.

Live location tracking

Real-time data management

Sales performance management tool ensures access to the tiniest business information to everybody involved in sales operation management. The quickness in sharing information increases the effectiveness in sales performance and employee productivity. Similarly, the spontaneous sharing of business data effectively detects improvements in the sales pipeline and the negative results of sales performance. It is also a sign indicating sales growth.

live meeting status

Analytical study on sales reports

With the right solution, the sales performance management tool in place, you can experience strategic development on your business performance. Being a digital transformation tool, it produces instant reports on multiple sales processes within seconds and empowers you to make discussions on future business plans with confidence. Get insights in real-time and derive the best plans that continuously trigger business growth!


Seamless and accurate decision making

Error-free reports are the elementary source for making decisions on future business endeavours. Draw business insights from sales performance reports and other real-time accessible information to help decision-making panels derive the best and most effective decisions. Conduct comparative study going deep into the previous sales operation history to evolve data-driven conclusions and maintain the sustainability of the business ecosystem.

Analytical study on sales reports

Benefits of sales performance management tool

  • Sales performance management tools help draw details of the field sales in real-time through activity tracking.
  • Sales representative management tool ensures sales goals are constantly being met in all possible ways.
  • It makes sure that the workflow is unaffected and everything in a sales funnel is well organized.
  • Sales performance management tool helps with the effective management of data and documents.
  • It makes the job of your sales professionals easy through the automation of repetitive sales tasks.
  • It enables sales professionals to make use of mobile CRM software for a streamlined sales experience.
  • Sales performance management tool encourages sales representatives to keep transparency in the expense management system.
  • It helps forecast future sales and plans sales operations for increased revenue accumulation.
  • It enables sales managers to track the target assigned and reward the best performer.
  • It enables to fix the problems in the sales pipeline and helps decrease conversion time from leads to sales. +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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