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Reasons that force you to implement FMCG distribution management software for increased sales!

  • 9th February 2022

Every product of the FMCG business underwent various stages before it reached the customers from manufacturing. Once the entire sales process gets completed, the product reaches customers through a retailer or wholesaler. It is mandatory to manage sales procedures systematically in each stage for seamless order management and product distribution. Nowadays, with the help of an advanced FMCG distribution management software solution, you can easily manage customer demands and other sides of business management. You can track secondary sales, set up distribution channels, fasten stock replacement, and better production planning through this single platform.

Let’s focus on the utility of FMCG distribution management software, and we have listed some of the best features even if the advantages are endless.

Real-time visibility

It is fundamental to have a clear picture of your sales transactions in real-time. If you depend on an offline data provider or a traditional distribution channel management solution, it will take many of your productive hours, and it can’t be real-time. It is vital to be informed while processing orders and managing product distribution. With FMCG CRM software, you can see details of the current stock available, pending orders and product delivery statuses, and many more in real-time.

Management of remote place sales

With rapidly increasing customer demands, FMCG companies expand their networks to be competitive in the market. Due to the challenges like bigger sales volume management, remote location management, and time management, it becomes difficult to monitor the sales pipeline and get clarity of product movements on various distribution channels. With the right distribution management software in place, you can coordinate all sales processes managing business data at your fingertips. Moreover, you can track the live location of the employees in regular intervals, which also makes sure that everything happens at the right times effectively.

Fast expense claim settlement

Another benefit of using FMCG CRM software is that you can manage claim settlements as quickly as possible. With FMCG CRM, there will always be transparency on payable expenses. Your sales executives can share photos of receipts, invoices, etc. instantly with sales managers in real-time. Based on that, the sales managers can do the needful for the expense claims within a few moments. Finalize your claims much faster than manual ways!

Brilliant production planning

With the FMCG distribution management software solution, you can get access to business reports at anytime from anywhere, and that is automated. It is generated based on sales performance, employee productivity, and other sales management processes. You can use report measures effectively to plan future sales processes that result in zero wastage of your valuable resources.

Implementation of advanced FMCG distribution management software helps your FMCG Company to save a lot of productive hours, reduce unwanted business costs, and boost business development. Get powerful FMCG CRM software and help your business to grow and flourish to the high! +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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