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realfokuz mobile app for real-estate industry
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What is


A marketing automation app customized to address the marketing and operational bottlenecks of the real-estate industry. From management of property listing to field force management, Realfokuz focuses on extending full control over all the real-estate based activities at your fingertips.

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is their top priority.

91% of companies with more than 11 employees now use
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Key Features

Customized solution through a unified platform

 online and offline lead capturing

Segregate Online/Offline
Property Inquiries

Capture and organize both online and offline property inquiries through a unified platform. Further to name and contact details, store every interaction with the lead including calls, emails, meeting schedules, follow-up dates, and notes.

 online and offline lead capturing
 automatic lead distribution for field executives

Automatic Lead Distribution

Automatically distribute property inquiries to field executives based on different criteria. Distributions can happen based on locations, executive available, property type and more. Reduce response time, improve property sales.

 track live location of field executives

Track Live Location

Know where your field executives are, what they are doing, list of properties covered and the ones left to be done. The manager can assign the leads/properties to the sales representative within the lead’s/property’s vicinity. Close more property deals in less time.

 track live location of field executives
 Powerful Integration Of Properties

Powerful Integration Of Properties

All components of real-estate projects are brought in together to work in sync with the central database. Every real-estate project differs from one another depending on the different components it involves. Realfokuz segregates and categorizes the project making it seamless for the real estate agents to access during customer meet.

 Pictorial View of Properties

Pictorial View of Properties

Get a real-time pictorial view of the properties available through their mobile applications. The status of properties is categorized as Available, Sold Out and Blocked. Any change in the availability status of the property will soon be updated in real-time, enabling the field executives to act accordantly.

 Pictorial View of Properties
 Centralized Data Update

Centralized Data Update

Property sold out or blocked, know the real-time updates in the central database. No more manual entry required. Property statuses updated through a mobile application will be synced with the central database in real-time.

 property sales report to field executive’s

Custom Reports

From property sales report to field executive’s performance report, the manager can view, analyze and download updated custom reports in real-time.

 property sales report to field executive’s

Straight from the users

 PVS builders logo
With Salesfokuz PVS builders could instantly
increase their property sales by 20%

PVS Builders is a leading builder with branches spread over multiple districts of Kerala. PVS Builders were in hunt of technological solutions to support their field force team that systematizes and manages their tasks efficiently. Right from lead acquisition to property sale, they have had several issues that had to be addressed with urgency.


How Salesfokuz helped the PVS builders :

Our team had a detailed discussion with PVS Builders, developed a custom-made Realfokuz app
that could address all the bottlenecks that affected their productivity.

Now Realfokuz allows their managers to stay updated on every representative’s live location, status update (hot/warm/cold) of the deal assigned and also view important updates entered by them post-meeting. Representatives with Realfokuz installed in their phone can have instant access to lead/property data, check the real-time availability of property, update the status of deal post-meeting and also benefit from other additional customized features.

In a nutshell, this feature-rich application has made it easy for PVS Builders and their representatives to effectively manage both sales and operations simultaneously.

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