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Manage after-sales services effectively with CRM software

  • 22nd November 2021

It is necessary to maintain punctuality and quality of after-sales services similar to sales operations for increased customer loyalty. Implementing the best CRM for the service industry is the ideal choice for coordinating sales in the service industry. This saas solution offers advanced features for supporting the service industry to manage sales, track service status and personalize services to the customers for a higher volume of revenues. Here we are going to discuss how field service CRM software manages businesses to uplift brand loyalty.

Customer complaint management

Field service CRM software helps businesses register customer complaints from various sources, and that will get updated to the central system. The service team manager can assign service activities to the nearest representative for timely task completion.

Instant complaint status updates

Service executives working on any complaint assigned can share task status to the central system. It will get updated to sales managers. Sharing work statuses is useful for businesses to manage sales functions without delays. Moreover, instant work status sharing always keeps transparency and creates a healthy work ambiance.

Employee tracking and sales management

CRM in the service sector includes employee tracking features, which is highly beneficial for employee management. Your managerial staff can track service executives’ live location and assist them with timely task management and if they need any assistance from the higher levels. It is one of the best features that streamline workflow in service sector businesses

Field employee attendance management

CRM for field employee management offers an opportunity to mark employees’ attendance at their convenience. Executives can avoid the rush to the office for marking their attendance, and they can tap on mobile CRM and mark attendance. After signed-in, managers will get notified of their attendance, and from that moment, sales managers can track employee presence for the end of the day.

Adding new orders and sales

A business always expects new orders and sales, and they can win if they treat leads with quick and effective responses. Service executives can register a new requirement from the side of a customer during a customer’s visit. So, sales managers can re-arrange sales activities to maintain the consistency of the workflow if needed.

Re-scheduling activities

Sales executives can seamlessly reschedule sales activities when it is not settled for the first attempt. Your field employees can reschedule revisit at that moment through mobile CRM. So employees can manage their time slot hassle-free.

Field service CRM software manages service sector businesses systematically and enables the business industry to track sales and operations. It acts as a single roof, under which sales team members and managers interact seamlessly to collaborate on business tasks and activities. Seamlessly manage orders, track the service executives and manage the entire sales pipeline for increased business opportunities and growth. +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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