From order placement to distribution, automate your entire sales process with the best FMCG sales app!

Why is an FMCG sales app important for your business ?

Struggling with disorganized order and distribution activities? Say bye to the old-fashioned calling and emailing order assignment strategies! Systematize, streamline and organize your order placement and distribution processes with a customized FMCG sales app. A perfectly customized FMCG sales app is all that you need to streamline your FMCG sales and distribution activities. A flawlessly implemented FMCG sales app empowers companies functioning with multiple distributors in managing sales, finance, inventory, orders, and sales team tracking all in one go.

What is Fastfokuz ?

Does your FMCG business deal with huge sales orders? Are you in the hunt for a system to help you systematize your confused sales and operations teams? Big or small, dealing with FMCG demands your team to be on their feet to streamline and stabilize primary and secondary targets and to ensure the smooth running of the network. Effective and customizable FMCG sales CRM is just and all that your team needs to rectify the bottlenecks and streamline your FMCG sales process. We understand your woes and so our team has come out with an effective FMCG sales app Fastfokuz – a combination of a web-based control panel and mobile-based application to streamline and organize streamline the sales process, manage orders, inventory, distribution, and payment in the FMCG sector.

How Fastfokuz works ?

In a dense distribution network, it is certain for businesses to come across multiple issues from scattered databases to delayed distribution. Here is how Fastfokuz, a customizable FMCG sales app will be assisting in streamlining your business.

Single Tap Attendance Marking

With single tap attendance marking, executives can mark their attendance just with a single tap from their devices. Executives no longer need to their respective offices to mark their attendance. It can be done through their FMCG sales app - Fastfokuz. In unison, sales managers can also access and monitor the team's daily attendance from anywhere at any time.

Route Management

Managers can strategically plan, categorize and assign routes to the executives to cover a maximum number of shop visits in one go. Even the executives can select the route to reach out to the maximum extent of clients on the go. In short, executives can cut down unwanted delays by cutting down extra miles of drives.

Real-Time Lead Status Updations

Tired of waiting for MIS reports from your sales team? Now, managers need not wait till the end of the day for a work status update from their field sales team. As the executives update their lead status in the FMCG sales app, managers get time-to-time updates of the activities on their web dashboard. So, the perfect combination of web dashboard and mobile application enables real-time status update of activities without the need of waiting day long for reports.

Takes Orders Over Device

Hinder inaccurate and duplicate orders! Make your order management seamless with a customized FMCG sales app. Empower your field executives to take orders over their mobile app, thereby making order placement error-free. The managers on the other hand get notified of these orders in real-time enabling them to proceed further with accurate data.

Instant Update & Dispatch

Make your order management instantaneous with your customized FMCG sales app! The real-time data update of orders to the central database enables the managers to deploy them to the processing station concurrently. This real-time association between field executives and the back office makes order processing and dispatch systematic, efficient, and instantaneous, thereby leaving no room for errors.

Cuts-Down Unwanted Delay

No more unwanted delays in order processing! From order placement to delivery, make the process systematic using a customized FMCG sales app. With every data updated in the central database, managers can directly access the order details and proceed with the distribution process without the need of waiting for the executives to return with orders taken for the day.

Timely Delivery & Status Update

The systematic and organized way of order placement and distribution encourages timely delivery of the products to the customers. Once the orders reach the targeted destinations, managers get updates of the same on the web dashboard. In short, the perfect combination of mobile application and web dashboard makes the process effective, efficient, and fast.

Other Features

Empower your sales teams with multiple easily configurable features

  • Capture Leads from Multiple Platform
  • Personal Journey Plan
  • Distributor Visits & Management
  • Targets Management
  • Stock Management
  • Expense Management
  • Leave Management
  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Automated Reports
  • Instant Notification

Capture Leads from Multiple Platform

Capture Leads from Multiple Platform

Still worried about losing potential leads to your competitors? Worry no more! Online or offline, irrespective of the platform, Fastfokuz, your highly customizable FMCG sales CRM enables you to capture distributors from multiple sources and helps reduce distributor leakage to zero. Be it through Facebook or web forms, all the lead requests placed will be directly updated in your customized FMCG sales app. This enables your team to instantly access lead data and helps proceed further before your competitor does.

Personal Journey Plan

Personal Journey Plan

How systematized are the beat plans of your field sales team? Do you think well-organized journey plans can impact the performance of your team and business? Yes, it does, particularly in coordinating the field activities. Fastfokuz, your customizable FMCG sales app identifies the importance of a planned journey and empowers the managers and the field executives in creating personalized journey plans that work well and yield results. Through the PJP feature, managers can list down the assignments for the executives to perform in the upcoming days based on the priority level. Even the executives can choose the route and create PJPs that work well and cut down unnecessary travel time.

Distributor Visits & Management

Distributor Visits & Management

Does your business involve multiple distributors and sales activities? Fastfokuz, the FMCG sales app allows you to manage your distributors and functionalities through a unified platform. Wondering how? From marking the presence at the distributor’s place to the collection of orders, payments, and feedback, everything can be done through this FMCG sales app. As the field executive updates the distributor visit details to the mobile application, the managers using the web dashboard receive all the updates in real-time.

Targets Management

Targets Management

Assigning targets has become easy than ever. The target management feature of the Fastfokuz FMCG sales app enables managers to assign targets through the web application which will be updated to the executives in their mobile application. Vice versa, as the executives achieve their targets, managers can view the status and reports of the same through the web application. No more phone calls are required for target updates, managers can view them in real-time and reward the performers with transparency.

Stock Management

Stock Management

Has going out of stock become a regular concern in your business? Then go get the customized FMCG sales app that not just assists in stock management across multiple distributors but also notifies you as the stock reaches a threshold level. From manufacturing, selling to restocking all these associated activities can be tracked and managed across multiple distributors or dealers through a single platform. Get your customized version of Fastfokuz today!

Expense Management

Expense Management

How transparent is the expense management system of your business? Not just orders and payments, your executives can now update their daily expenses in the same application. Executives can capture and upload their expense receipts into the central database for the managers to view and approve. So, make the expense claim and management process transparent using the FMCG sales app, Fastfokuz.

Leave Management

Leave Management

Failing to respond to leave requests on time? Managing leave requests and approval through emails has now become a traditional method. Juggling between excel sheets and mails often leads to loss of information. But now, with all the features integrated into a single platform. Yes, using the FMCG sales app, executives can update their leave requirements in the mobile app. Mangers on the other end get notified of the same in their web dashboard enabling them to approve/reject the leave request through the same application.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Real-Time Location Tracking

Location tracking in the FMCG sales app facilitates managers to know the live location of their executive. Once the executives mark attendance from their devices, managers get updates of their location accurate up to every 15 minutes. This feature enables the managers to analyze the journey progress of their executives in real-time. Also, it helps managers assign urgent requirements of the dealers/distributors to the nearest executives based on their then location. In this way, it prevents losing potential leads to your competitors.

Automated Reports

Automated Reports

How long do you have to wait to get MIS reports from your sales team? Till the end of the day? The wait is now over. Through the web dashboard of the FMCG sales app, managers can now seamlessly access real-time updated reports of all the activities without the need of waiting for the executives to create and send. As the executives update the data of their sales activities, automated reports get generated based on the data upload thereby empowering the managers to make informed decisions.

Instant Notification

Instant Notification

Never miss out on any activity! With the instant notification feature of the FMCG sales app, managers can stay updated on the activities happening. From placement of order to collection of payments, managers will be notified as the executives update the status in their mobile apps. The reminder notification on the other hand keeps the executives updated upfront of the meetings scheduled. With instant notifications, managers and sales teams can establish is better communication.


  • What is FMCG sales app?

    The FMCG sales app for the FMCG industry is an all-in-one solution for FMCG sales managers and FMCG distributors. It enables sales managers and sales representatives to efficiently manage orders, track employee performance, and maintain customer relationships most effectively. With features, like sales performance reports and route planning, it enhances decision-making and resource optimization. The app is developed to connect with a mobile app to streamline the sales workflow, promoting quicker order processing and facilitating better inventory management in the dynamic FMCG sector. Moreover, it can be a collaborative platform that helps streamline end-to-end sales processes and forecast sales in the future.

  • Why do FMCG industry need FMCG software for business?

    The FMCG industry deals with goods that have less shelf life and hence need to be sold out in a very short span. Being an industry dealing with daily life essentials, the competition in this sector also seems to be higher. Your systematic approach to the FMCG industry sales matters in this case. With the best FMCG sales tracking software, you can have real-time visibility into the sales activities strategically. With this sales management software, you can monitor and control orders, field sales activities, and quickly share payment collection details to make informed decisions to control sales cycle processes. Gain benefits of perfect order management, streamlined sales data handling, automation of recurring sales activities, and swift rise of revenue growth with the advanced features of FMCG sales management software.

  • What are the benefits of using FMCG sales app for the FMCG industry?

    FMCG sales app helps the FMCG industry to accelerate sales, productivity, and revenue growth by effectively managing order placement, field sales operations, digitizing sales activities, automating repetitive sales tasks, centralizing customer data, and automating sales report generation. As a result of this systematic management of sales operations, FMCG sales and distribution management software helps you to;

    • Maximize sales efficiency and increase order size
    • Insightful planning and execution of field sales activities
    • Effective handling of customer relationship management
    • Manage end-to-end sales operations in the sales pipeline
    • Organize distribution management and after-sales complexities
    • Simplify sales data management and improve collaboration
    • Develop trustworthy sales and employee performance reports

    With all these benefits, you can see your FMCG business in the top-performing organization in the coming next years.

  • How FMCG sales management software help you acquire more orders?

    An FMCG business works by collecting, monitoring, and managing orders from an array of retailers and wholesalers. By implementing an effective FMCG sales management software like Fastfokuz, you can manage the end-to-end order and delivery process through a single platform. With this single, and cloud-based platform, your sales managers and executives can work together on order management activities for FMCG industry sales. Instead of relying on outdated systems like order acquisition through calls or messages, the FMCG sales app helps distributors enable the systematic identification and pursuit of more opportunities. With this software solution, your field employees can collect orders on the go, and the same gets updated to the back-end sales managers. It will help allocate product distribution teams, oversee daily operations, and ensure prompt delivery. This comprehensive FMCG sales tracking software facilitates the management of the whole order management cycle.

  • What is the role of Fastfokuz FMCG sales app in FMCG industry?

    Fastfokuz is an effective FMCG sales app that combines a web-based control panel for managers and a mobile application for executives. With this combined form of FMCG sales app, the FMCG business can streamline order collection, distribution management, and sales activity monitoring in real time. This way, this sales management software proves that it has an effective role in assembling end-to-end sales operations in one place for systematic sales activity management. With its order management facilities, the sales representatives can place orders on the go, and quick sales data management enables sales representatives to personalize customer communication. The effective use of sales performance reports helps sales professionals identify how active is your sales pipeline and what are areas need improvements. This way, Fastfokuz, the FMCG sales app, enables sales professionals to make real-time decisions for maintaining the sustainability in FMCG industry

  • Can the FMCG sales tracking software be customized?

    A tailored FMCG sales tracking software is the key to optimizing your FMCG sales and distribution operations. A seamlessly executed FMCG sales app helps companies with numerous distributors to efficiently oversee sales, finance, inventory, orders, and real-time monitoring, all within a unified platform. By implementing a customizable platform like Fastfokuz, you can find excellence in sales management and distribution cost-effectively and systematically. By picking up the features you need for streamlining operations, you can use the full potential of the application for enhanced sales and productivity. Also with customized features, you can fully concentrate on the activities such as distribution, seamless product delivery, personalized customer interactions, and so much more.

  • How Fastfokuz simplifies your order management process in FMCG sales?

    Order management is the process that involves overseeing customer orders and managing the steps required for fulfilling the delivery with complete customer satisfaction. In this process, order acceptance, order distribution, and tracking orders need to be performed with better care for the effective completion of order processing and management. To ensure a comprehensive and organized approach to meeting customer demands, Fastfokuz can act as an effective order management software for the FMCG industry. With this FMCG sales app, your sales professionals can collect orders on the go, and the same information gets updated on the web dashboard for seamless order distribution and effective product deliveries. While processing customer reviews directly with this tool, you can find a solution for after-sales inquiries in real time. Keep making happy customers with streamlined order management with Fastfokuz, the order management system for the FMCG industry.

  • How to manage distribution network using FMCG sales app?

    Distribution management software is an effective tool that assists sales managers in monitoring, controlling, and optimizing numerous distribution networks within a business. Improved efficiency and reduced downtime are the guarantees it gives to the FMCG industry. Also, it fosters a collaborative culture to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of products to their designated destinations. By using an effective FMCG sales tracking app, you can digitize distribution activities and automate recurring tasks to keep the distribution management processes seamless and streamlined. As an effective distribution management software for FMCG businesses, Fastfokuz helps organizations with effective inventory management, increased efficiency, and better time coordination between distribution activities. By monitoring distribution processes, you can check the details on inventory and always keep the stock levels updated, and that aligns distribution seamlessly. Thereby, increased efficiency can be expected, and activities will fall in proper time as there is no room for errors and unwanted delays.

  • How route management system help FMCG field sales?

    Route optimization is the key to FMCG sales management as it is the proper way to streamline field sales activities in the FMCG industry. With the effective route management features of Fastfokuz, the FMCG sales tracking software, you can systematize end-to-end order processing activities strategically. By pairing web and mobile applications, your sales managers can assign perfect routes by referring to previous sales history and records to maximize sales outcomes. Similarly, your field sales executives can mark the routes to reduce unwanted travel expenses and waste of productive working hours. Also, effective route management software for the FMCG sector enables you to monitor field sales activities of executives to evaluate the potential of your sales teams to uplift the productivity of your organization. Find the best routes and excel in field sales processes with Fastfokuz!

  • Why stock management is necessary for FMCG industry sales?

    Stock management software for the FMCG industry promises improved operational efficiency and cost savings by systematically managing stock and inventory of FMCG organizations. Stock and inventory of FMCG businesses should be managed excellently to process order distribution and attain customer satisfaction. Overstocking and meeting the threshold levels in stock may affect your order distribution system, and hence, you may face losing potential business opportunities. With the effective use of the FMCG sales app, your stock handling executives can update stock information in real time, and then the concerned sales managers can update stock levels as needed for seamless order management and distribution processes. Thereby, you can experience a streamlined sales experience.

  • How to monitor field employee performance using FMCG sales app?

    Field employee performance is what exactly impacts the sales and revenue growth. With using Fastfokuz, the field employee tracking software for the FMCG industry, you can generate and evaluate field sales and employee performance in real-time. By generating sales reports automatically, you can develop sales and employee performance reports. Studying this accurate insight in real-time helps sales managers make informed decisions to streamline FMCG industry sales operations for better productivity. Moreover, field employee monitoring software also helps sales managers discuss real-time sales cycle activities by exploring real-time sales data available in the software and tracking real-time activities via the web application. By monitoring your staff, you can estimate attainable targets, focus on best-performing areas, and work on improving the unproductive side of your business

  • Why You Need a collection management Software for Your FMCG Business?

    Being an industry that deals with daily client interactions, orders, and distribution, FMCG sales management involves daily payment collection and financial transactions. And that’s why you need collection management software for FMCG business. With this FMCG sales tracking software, your field sales executives can collect payments in real time and capture and update the proofs for smooth financial transactions. Hence, the administrators of the financial transactions can check the payments in detail and update the information for effective collection management. Similarly, the field reps can update their expenses via the mobile app for quick and effective claims.

  • What are the factors should be considered when selecting an FMCG sales app?

    When selecting an FMCG sales app, consider factors such as user-friendliness, compatibility with various devices and systems, offline capability for fieldwork, efficient order management, robust customer relationship features, reporting and evaluation capabilities, security and compliance with regulations, scalability to accommodate business growth, and overall cost of ownership. A user-friendly interface of the FMCG field sales app ensures easy adoption, while offline functionality supports sales in areas with poor connectivity. Efficient order and inventory management prevent stock issues. Robust sales performance reports aid in decision-making, and security is crucial for handling sensitive data. Ultimately, evaluating these factors ensures the selected app aligns with your budget and business objectives.

  • How FMCG sales mobile app helpful for FMCG industry?

    Are you facing any problems in processing client requests, order management, and after-sales requirements? Stay relaxed, with FMCG sales tracking software integrated with a mobile app, you can find solutions as quickly as possible. With this tool, you can streamline field sales operations in the FMCG sector. Fastfokuz is an effective FMCG field sales app that pairs web and mobile applications for sales coordination from remote locations. Hence, your sales managers can control sales cycle activities from the office, and your field employees can manage sales activities from remote locations. It promotes real-time communication, effective sales data management, effective time management, streamlined order collection, and efficient payment management. Get Fastfokuz, a mobile app integrated with FMCG sales management software, and access real-time sales insights to streamline workflow management +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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