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FMCG industry sales and field sales tracking- how does it benefit your business? 

  • 30th May 2022

FMCG industry businesses have to manage a huge network of retailers, distributors, and dealers. FMCG industry sales operations can’t be completed if there lack real-time connection between back-end administrators and the field sales force. FMCG sale activity management is an array of actions and reactions that needs to be coordinated, managed and tracked in real-time to drive sales and accelerate revenue. That means all that an FMCG industry need is effective field sales tracking software. It is beneficial to implement a proven solution for your business and that’s why FMCG CRM has very much relevance among FMCG businesses.

Field sales tracking for the FMCG industry is intended to manage the sales processes from order placement and payment collection to resolving after-sales complexities. Efficient field sales tracking software includes excellent features that aim for enhanced sales and productivity. The core features of efficient FMCG CRM software are listed as follows;

Sales activity alignment and monitoring

Sales activities always need to be managed so it is vital to keep order in assigning, tracking, and connecting sales activities using a single platform. With field sales tracking software, you can efficiently allocate sales activities to the sales representatives and monitor their performance in real-time. Simultaneously sales executives can share sales insights with sales managers for a streamlined sales experience.

Real-time activity tracking

Field sales tracking software helps FMCG businesses track sales and field employee performance in real-time to manage workflow as unaffected. FMCG CRM connects web dashboards and mobile applications that enable sales managers to track sales professionals from anywhere. Similarly, the sales managers can view employee activities at a centralized location which helps systematize business activities.

Automation of repetitive tasks

Automation of repetitive sales tasks is one of the best ways to increase the work efficiency of a business and its employees. With the help of efficient FMCG CRM software, you can automate repetitive sales activities and thereby improves sales teams’ efficiency. Decrease the hardship of manual work and keep your sales teams motivated throughout the sales journey.  

Effective sales route planning

Of course, sales routes have a crucial role in accelerating revenue and sales growth. Pre-assigning sales routes to the sales force help them to prepare well for meeting sales expectations in one go. At the same time, your sales force can update the best sales routes with sales managers while continuing their field sales activities. Maximize productivity and sell smarter to be recognized in the markets. 

The best features of an FMCG sales app are not limited to here; you can get endless assistance from an effective FMCG CRM software and process sales management activities flawlessly. Manage orders, targets, expenses, and distribution channel activities sitting in your comfort. The systematized work ambiance attracts potential customers and helps in expanding your business. Get the best field sales tracking app and keep a balanced work ambiance for your business. +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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