Real-time dashboard based on real-time data

The dashboard gives real-time notifications on business, sales and performance metrics. The admin can view who are on duty and their location, how many meetings are going on, target achieved and lead status. He can track his sales-team and evaluate who are performing well and support the ones with poor performance to exceed their sales goals.

Leads and Deals, in an essence

Lead-board provides admin an idea about his team’s performance based on real-time data. It gives information on leads and their status (hot, warm or cold) based on real-time data. Users as well as managers can schedule meetings within the app and update how the meetings went.

Shifting team performance

Admin can evaluate how his team is performing. It shows an overview of performance and target achievement of each team member. So the admin can know the best and worst performers and motivate his team to work on their client interactions.

The science of selling smarter, in a nutshell

The user dashboard features the On-Duty tab, where users can login and mark their presence; the punch-in time is recorded in real-time with location and stored within the app. It also displays information on monthly target, leads, product details, team expense and leave status.

Automate your lead outreach

From capturing on leads to closing them, the LeadBoard will let the manager know about scored and qualified leads. Users can schedule meetings with sales-ready leads and then update how the meetings went so the managers can know lead status and team performance from the Lead Board.

Balance your performance and work-flow

Keep tabs on your performance and target achievement it lets you updated about your lead status and encourages you to work more on your client interactions and warm up your leads.

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