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How Effective Is Sales Force Automation Software In Managing The Beat Plans?

  • March 2020

Effective sales and task planning play an important role in deciding the efficiency of field team operations. Also referred to as Sales Journey Plan, an effective Beat Plan can have a huge impact on meeting the overall business goals at a better pace. Businesses with bigger field force teams are the ones that have a higher risk of ineffective task planning and assigning. Here is where sales force automation software comes into the picture. With the installation of a sales force automation tool, sales teams can better plan and organize an effective Beat Plan. Let us first look at the benefits that businesses get upon having a sales team with a well-organized sales journey plans:

  • Better productivity
  • Cost optimization
  • Better relationship management
  • More business
  • Motivated employees

Let us now see how sales force automation software can help businesses achieve the above-mentioned benefits through effective Beat Planning.

Beat Planning With Insights

The sales force automation software enables the sales team to have instant access to data like previous meetings, and time taken to travel, meet and close the deal. This insight helps the sales managers to plan their Beat Plan accordingly. The sales force automation also gives instant access to lead details like their location, business requirements and follows up. The sales representative can make use the past data to organize a Beat Plan that enables covering more deals in one go.

Sales Route-Based Beat Planning

Sales force automation software enables location-based Beat Planning. The sales managers can assign productive sales routes to the sales representative. This enables the sales force to create a better sales journey plan that makes efficient use of time. So, with sales force automation software installed on their internet-enabled devices, sales teams can seamlessly go on the right route, map the leads and offer personalized services for better lead conversion.

Instant Update of Beat Plan

Even while the sales representatives are in their field, the sales force automation app enables the sales managers to update or make changes in the Beat Plan of the respective sales representative in real-time. The field force tracking feature of the sales force automation app enables the managers to have a real-time update of the location of individual representatives. Thus, they can assign new hot leads to the representative within the vicinity of new leads.

So, what are waiting for? Get customized sales force automation software for your sales team to help them experience an effective and efficient Beat Plan that yields better results. Also, make instant changes in Beat Plans and task assignments whenever necessary for improved sales and productivity. +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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