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Ace your After-Sales Complaints with Service management software

  • 30th December 2022

After-sales complaint management is equally important as the other sales activities for bagging a loyal clientele. These services shall be delivered on time with good care. Your service management can be well coordinated if you install insightful service management software. The brilliant saas solution shall help you gain a bigger revenue as well. Because the service activity management features you shall find here are well-advanced and upgraded, useful in service activity handling and service task tracking. And, you can personalize your services concerning the interests of your clients. Join us to understand the power of field service management software for winning brand loyalty.

Solving Customer Complaints with Field Service Software


By working with service management software, customer complaints can be reported through various sources. The centralized portal will catch all the essential updates. For the timely completion of all your tasks, nearby service reps will be receiving the pending tasks assigned by the service managers.


Instant Updates of Complaint Status


The centralized portal shall be receiving instant updates regarding the complaint statuses on a real-time basis from the service executives. And, the service managers could access these updates instantly. Delays or mishaps can be avoided by evaluating the live status updates during different service activities. And, by delivering instant live reports, you will be able to maintain better transparency and a positive, pleasant work environment.


Tracking of Field Workforce & Service Management


Service technicians can be tracked down effectively and immediately by the tracking features offered by service management software, leading to the complete coordination of your entire workforce. For ensuring timely task completion, the service managers can view the live status of the field workforce, and that helps them streamline service operations. The higher officials can also contribute to the help required. This, in turn, shall give a seamless experience for the organization operating in the service industry.

Attendance Checks of Field Employees


Maintenance management software allows field employees to report their attendance status during their field trips. It avoids the constant office trips to mark one's attendance. All you have to do is a few taps to mark the status on your mobile application. Once the attendance is marked, the updates will be immediately reaching the managers. And, the managers can assess the attendance status from the beginning till the end of a particular shift.


Re-Scheduling of Operations

Service management software allows the field reps to seamlessly register for another visit if the field operations didn't get settled during the initial visit. Here, the field reps can use their mobile application for the rescheduling process, leading to the effortless handling of time slots.

For the systematic handling of field operations, field service management software is of great use in service sector businesses. The software not only tracks field activities but also helps different teams and their service managers collaborate quite seamlessly. This, in turn, shall help with bagging more service opportunities through seamless management of orders and regular tracking of field reps. Thereby, your service management cycle gets monitored throughout, most efficiently. +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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